How to Schedule Exam Times

How to Schedule Exam Times in the Edge 2.0 Certification System

  1. Sign into the Edge 2.0 Testing Site (

  1. Scroll down to your "Course Overview" and select course

    • Note - This step is Course selection, not Class selection. You will select your class later during step 6.

  1. Select "Schedule Exams" from "Instructor Course Management" menu

  1. Select desired module from the appropriate column

    • Group column – Schedules entire Class

    • Individual column – Schedules one Student

  1. To schedule a new exam time, select "Schedule Exam for User/Group"

  1. Select desired class group

  1. Set Time

For further assistance converting time to UTC from local time zones please select "Help and examples" on this page or enter "<local time zone> to UTC" in your favorite search engine.

  1. Select Save

Your exams are now scheduled