How to Enroll Students

How to Enroll Students in Your Class in the IPC Edge 2.0 Certification Portal

  1. Navigate to the "Class Details" page for the desired class (in the Certification Portal –

  1. Click Enroll Students located at the bottom of the page.

  1. You can enroll student using one of the following options in the Enroll Student page

    1. - By Email – If the student's email address is in our database this option will enroll the student immediately

    2. - By Name – This option allows you to search for students by name.

  1. If student is not found, select Add New Student

Fill in student's name and email information then select Add

  1. Click Return to Class Details to view class details page


Should the student miss the class and need to be entered into a later class, you must delete the enrollment or risk the exam credits expiring. The delete button can be used on the Class Details page. If missing, enter a help desk ticket for assistance.