You can also purchase Certification Exam Credits through the IPC Online Store.

Please Note: You must be an IPC MIT/CIT or an approved buyer with rights from you company to purchase the online certification exam credits. All buyers will have to pre-register with IPC in order to purchase online certification exam credits.

  1. Any MIT/CIT can place an order. If someone other than a trainer is responsible for the placing orders (Buyer) for your site, IPC needs to update their record with the appropriate role so that they can make the purchase. This request can be made through the  certification help desk.
  2. Orders are address specific. The exams will only be available for the site that the purchaser is located at. Distributors and anyone purchasing for an address other than their own, need to purchase through our customer service department.
  3. IPC members can order with a PO or pay immediately using a credit card. Non-members can only place an order using a credit card
  4. Once an order is place, it will take up to 24 business hours for the funds to be available in the portal for use.
    • How to Order for online store
  5. You must sign in to the IPC online store (
  6. Select the Training tab
  7. Select Training Resources then select Certification Exams
  8. There is only one product to choose from; $1 increment. Select the product you wish to purchase and enter the quantity desired.
  9. Finalize your order and pay for order