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How to Create a Class in the IPC Edge 2.0 Certification Portal

  1. Sign into the Edge 2.0 Certification Portal (


  1. Select View/Edit Class


  1. Select Enter new class


  1. Select appropriate Exam Type


    • Endorsement – Student wishes to add an endorsement to an existing CSE certification

    • Initial Certification – Student is beginning a new certification

    • Initial Certification (optional only) – Student completed mandatory exams and wishes to add optional modules with a new instructor

    • Recertification – Students have previously completed IPC Certification and wish to renew that certification

      • (Note: This category currently only provides a discount for the CSE program. CIS and CIT programs are priced the same in this category and the Initial Certification category.)

    • Retest – Student failed exam twice and requires additional attempts

    • Retest Endorsement – CSE student has failed an endorsement exam twice and requires additional attempts


  1. Enter remaining class information on the page (i.e. course, language, modules, exam date)


  1. Select "Remote Proctor" as the mode of testing

    • Note If the "Remote Proctor" option is greyed out the exam language and revision combination you have selected is not available for remote proctoring.


  1. Select your invoice from the invoice drop down box


  1. Click Add Invoice


  1. Click Add

Your class is now created, and you are ready to enroll your students.