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How to Create a Certification Help Desk Ticket

  1. Select "Certification Help Desk" from the Edge 2.0 Portal or Testing site

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  1. Login to the Certification Help Desk or Create an Account

Please Note The certification help desk is not Connected to our database or other IPC testing sites. If you have never used the certification help desk before, please use the "Sign Up" option to create an account.
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  1. Enter Password

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  1. Select Category

If no category applies, select "General Questions"
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  1. Enter Summary and Description, then select "Save"
    1. The Summary should be a few words that summarize the problem.
    2. The description can be a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs describing the problem

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Notes on Help Desk tickets:

  • Please be as descriptive as possible. For example, if there is an error message displaying, include a screenshot of the entire window and let us know what steps led to the error displaying. This helps us to locate the cause of the error.
  • Always include the Name and Email address of the affected person(s). Our database is organized by name and email address, so most fixes will require this information.
  • Avoid duplicating tickets when possible. It can be very confusing for everyone involved if the same issue is being addressed in multiple tickets. In many cases it may also prolong the resolution of issues.